How to Stay on Top of Marketing Trends in Atlanta


Social media is an excellent tool for keeping up with marketing trends. With a growing community of influencers and movers and shakers worldwide, social media offers a wealth of opportunities to connect with others and gain valuable insight. You can follow top executives on LinkedIn and monitor trending topics on Twitter. Check here to know about the Atlanta Social Cali agency

You can also follow influencers and watch their stories on Instagram. Social media also offers a great platform for joining groups and participating in discussions. You can also join Slack communities, which focus on specific industries.

Mobile-friendly content

In order to make your content mobile-friendly, your website needs to be responsive. Then, it needs to be easy to read, with big buttons and easy-to-find text. You also need to have direct calls-to-action. Even if you have a desktop-style website, you should still consider creating a mobile-specific version. There are frameworks that will allow you to develop content for mobile devices.

If you're looking to maximize conversion rates and increase traffic, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. In fact, 80% of social media users access these platforms via mobile devices. That means that if your website isn't mobile-friendly, you could be losing out on a large chunk of your audience. Mobile-friendly content is a must-have for marketers looking to stay relevant.

Purpose-driven marketing

When it comes to the future of marketing, purpose-driven brands are the way to go. Consumers are four to six times more likely to buy from brands that have a purpose. Moreover, they want to know that their purchase directly impacts a cause. To achieve this, brands must make their brand's purpose clear and transparent – and communicate it. To do this, brands often collect and share data about their impact on their cause.

A brand's purpose must align with the values of its target audience. Consumers today will only support a brand if it embodies its values. This is why authenticity, strong leadership, and outspokenness are rewarded. While these changes are challenging for US businesses, it also offers a great opportunity for creating differentiated, authentic and profitable relationships with consumers.

Purpose-driven companies often experience higher market share gains, faster growth, and higher employee satisfaction than conventional brands. Purpose-driven companies also find that consumers identify with their mission and seek to connect with it.

These Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency have realized that today's consumer is looking for companies that help them achieve their goals. Some examples of such companies include Kellogg, Patagonia and Sumo Salad. Its mission is to help people live healthier lives and save the planet. These organizations are able to achieve these goals by orienting their operations toward a specific purpose.

Using high-quality storytelling

Marketing storytelling is a great way to show your product or service in a positive light. It uses various techniques like dialogue, camera angles, and soundtrack to draw in viewers. You can also use actors to draw in your audience. If you are a marketing professional, here are 9 trends in storytelling that you should be aware of.

Customer-led storytelling puts the customer in the spotlight. This type of marketing storytelling is likely to continue to gain popularity. For example, companies like Trulia are creating stories that highlight the customer's experiences. These stories focus on realism and dig deep into the customer's experience.

How to Stay on Top of Marketing Trends in Atlanta
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